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Please use the links below to buy heartworm meds without prescription.  Full pack size information and best possible prices are just a click away.

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There are currently two topical heartworm medicines licensed by the FDA.  Both are available without prescriptionhere.  Revolution (also marketed as Stronghold), and Advantage Multi (also branded as Advocate) are available today at great low prices, no prescription needed.  Just click the product required at the side, for latest discounts and prescription free ordering from Canada.

Revolution Heartworm Medicine Without Prescription

Because topical heartworm preventatives control fleas and other parasites as well as the heartworm itself, they are growing in popularity.  It does make things more convenient, only having to use one product to deal with all your regular parasite control.

Revolution without prescription is available here.  Just click the link at the side for the best prices, and prescription free ordering.  Revolution is produced by Pfizer and contains just one ingredient (Selamectin) to control all manner of parasites, both internally and externally.

Along with controlling heartworms, Revolution for Dogs controls a range of parasites.  Adult fleas and flea eggs are killed, American dog ticks, biting lice and ear-mites are all controlled.  The feline version of Revolution, also prevents heartworm disease.  In addition it kills adult fleas and their eggs, ear mites and biting lice.  Internally, Revollution for cats also destroys roundworms and hookworms in the gut.

Advantage Multi Heartworm Medicine – No Prescription

Advantage Multi for cats and dog is available here without a prescription.  Just click the links at the side for current low prices and pack sizing information on Advantage Multi heartworm prevention.

Again Advantage Multi works to prevent heartworm disease by destroying tissue stage worms before they are any risk to health.  Its two active ingredients (Imidalcoprid and Moxidectin) work together to kill heartworms and control fleas.  In addition whipworms, roundworms and hookworms are destroyed in dogs, whilst cats benefit from control of hookworms and roundworms as well as ear mites.

Produced by Bayer, this topical treatment is simply good old fashioned Advantage flea medicine with the addition of a further ingredient to deal with parasites internally.

Advantage Multi is one of the fastest flea control treatments available.  Once applied it stops fleas biting within 5 minutes and kills any larvae present within 20.  In twelve hours all the fleas on your pet should be gone and it stays active, working for a whole month after application to ensure no more fleas are picked up.

Topical Heartworm Meds Without Prescription

Using topical heartworm meds is simple, cheap, and when prescription free, very convenient.  Once dry, both are completely waterproof so external parasites will be controlled for the whole month.  Use every month, year round for guaranteed heartworm prevention.


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