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Can I buy Heartworm Medicine Without a Prescription is a particularly thorny issue!  Luckily we’re here to help.

The simple fact is that if you buy from a supplier based in the United States, they are bound by the FDA to request a veterinary prescription before dispatching any type of heartworm preventative. Similar rules apply to British pet med suppliers too. But if you buy an identical product from a Canadian pet pharmacy you may not need to produce that RX. A few brands are still prescription only in Canada, but all the big popular names in preventative heartworm medicine are prescription free. Using the links on this site you can order heartworm medicine without prescription for delivery to the United States.

So if you buy Heartgard, Nuheart or Valuheart heartworm pills, or, Revolution or Advantage Multi spot on treatments you can benefit from a more simple purchase process buy buying heartworm medicines without prescription.

The products are still bound by the same quality controls so your pets get the same health benefits. But you get to save a little time and money by purchasing online prescription free heartworm meds.

We do still recommend that you speak to a qualified vet if you have never used heartworm preventatives before. This is for the simple reason that all dogs benefit from a one-off heartworm test before beginning their treatment with a preventative. Once the test is done you are free to order the medicines wherever you choose. And, if you continue to use them every month for the lifetime of your pet you will never need another heartworm test again as there is no possibility that the disease could manifest itself. Only if you left more than two months between treatments would you need to speak to your vet about the possibility of your pet having contracted the disease. So whilst your vet is a fantastic resource, you need not waste time or money with them regarding heartworm medicine in the future.



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