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Please use the links below to buy heartworm meds without prescription.  Full pack size information and best possible prices are just a click away.

Advantage Multi Cats  ·   Advantage Multi Dogs  ·   Revolution

Heartgard ·   Nuheart

Heartgard Plus  ·   Generic Heartgard Plus  ·  Valuheart ·   Proheart

We offer the greatest range of heartworm medicine without prescription for dogs.  This is because more of the products able to treat canine patients are available.  Cats are not able to tolerate some of the preventatives used widely for dogs, so less feline heartworm products are available.  Gradually the balance is being redressed, with new products being developed.  For now though we can offer far more canine heartworm preventatives, without the need for a prescription.

The range of heartworm medicines available prescription free include both oral treatments and topical ones.  Oral pills, chewables and tablets are the cheaper option, but topical medicines include flea control so, though more expensive may actually save you money, since they negate the need to use an additional flea control products.

Cheap Heartworm Pills for Dogs

The cheapest tablets to prevent heartworms, are the generic Heartgard products, such as Nuheart and Valuheart.  These use a tiny dose of ivermectin to control the parasite and offer exceptional value for money, as well as being RX free.  Choose from either chewable treats, soluble or simple tablets to prevent heartworm disease in dogs.

Proheart is also extremely economical, and since it is an alternative to ivermectin, it might be a better choice for Collie owners.  Though the amount of ivermectin  used in preventatives is low enough to be considered safe for all breeds of dog, some Collie owners are still nervous of using it, since in larger doses it can be problematic for their dogs to be given.

If you would like to offer protection against certain gastro-intestinal parasites Heartgard Plus Chewables and generic Heartgard Plus are available without prescription here.  These are great tasting and so easy to give, and will remove certain worms from the gut, meaning you have one less product to buy.

Topical Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

As well as varied heartworm pills, we offer the two topical heartworm preventatives, currently available without prescription too.  Both Advantage Multi and Revolution for Dogs combine heartworm prevention, with flea control and additional parasite prevention.  For those pet owners that want more control over medication time, topicals are a good choice.  There are no worries about tablets not being digested, since you know you have applied the medication correctly onto their skin each month.

Whichever type of heartworm medicine you prefer to use, you can buy them here without the need for a prescription.  Just click the product required at the side, for full pack size details and current best prices online, no RX required.


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