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Cats can get heartworm disease just as easily as dogs.  Though the parasite prefers a canine host, it will make do with a feline one.  It might not live so long or produce so many offspring as it would if residing in a dog, but it will still cause some serious problems for the cat it is living inside.

Treating cats for heartworm disease is not really possible, so managing the symptoms and waiting for the parasite to eventually die is all that your vet can do.  Far easier, then to simply use a heartworm preventative designed for cats to ensure our feline pets never get the disease in the first place.

There are fewer heartworm medicines available for cats, than heartworm meds for dogs.  But, there are still several available here that are safe, effective and for sale without the need for a prescription.

Both the feline heartworm preventatives we can offer prescription free are topical treatments.  These are preferred by many cat owners, since it can be difficult to be sure a cat has taken any oral medicine.  Both Advantage Multi and Revolution are provided for cats.  They are sold in various dosage sizes that are designed for cats of different sizes, so it is important to chose the correct color coded packet, depending on the weight of your cat.

As both these topical treatments also control fleas, they can prove a great way to make further savings, as you will be able to forget about your old flea treatments.  Neither are able to treat for ticks on cats, which can be an issue in some areas, though most cats seem to keep themselves tick free on the whole.

Both liquid medicines to prevent heartworms in cats are completely waterproof once dry, so your cat can go out in the rain without worrying that the flea control will wear off.  The action on heartworms is a one off.  Every time you use the products they are absorbed into the blood-stream where they safely destroy any tissue stage heart worms that have infected the cat during the month since their last treatment.

Both treatments are considered extremely mild with side effects, when used correctly, extremely rare.  However only Revolution for cats has been shown to be mild enough to use on pregnant, nursing and breeding cats.

You can buy your feline hearworm medicine without prescription via the links at the side.  Simply select the product you need to view current best prices and pack details.


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