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We offer the greatest range of heartworm medicine without prescription for dogs.  This is because more of the products able to treat canine patients are available.  Cats are not able to tolerate some of the preventatives used widely for dogs, so less feline heartworm products are available.  Gradually the balance is being redressed, with new products being developed.  For now though we can offer far more canine heartworm preventatives, without the need for a prescription.

The range of heartworm medicines available prescription free include both oral treatments and topical ones.  Oral pills, chewables and tablets are the cheaper option, but topical medicines include flea control so, though more expensive may actually save you money, since they negate the need to use an additional flea control products.

Cheap Heartworm Pills for Dogs

The cheapest tablets to prevent heartworms, are the generic Heartgard products, such as Nuheart and Valuheart.  These use a tiny dose of ivermectin to control the parasite and offer exceptional value for money, as well as being RX free.  Choose from either chewable treats, soluble or simple tablets to prevent heartworm disease in dogs.

Proheart is also extremely economical, and since it is an alternative to ivermectin, it might be a better choice for Collie owners.  Though the amount of ivermectin  used in preventatives is low enough to be considered safe for all breeds of dog, some Collie owners are still nervous of using it, since in larger doses it can be problematic for their dogs to be given.

If you would like to offer protection against certain gastro-intestinal parasites Heartgard Plus Chewables and generic Heartgard Plus are available without prescription here.  These are great tasting and so easy to give, and will remove certain worms from the gut, meaning you have one less product to buy.

Topical Heartworm Medicine for Dogs

As well as varied heartworm pills, we offer the two topical heartworm preventatives, currently available without prescription too.  Both Advantage Multi and Revolution for Dogs combine heartworm prevention, with flea control and additional parasite prevention.  For those pet owners that want more control over medication time, topicals are a good choice.  There are no worries about tablets not being digested, since you know you have applied the medication correctly onto their skin each month.

Whichever type of heartworm medicine you prefer to use, you can buy them here without the need for a prescription.  Just click the product required at the side, for full pack size details and current best prices online, no RX required.


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Cats can get heartworm disease just as easily as dogs.  Though the parasite prefers a canine host, it will make do with a feline one.  It might not live so long or produce so many offspring as it would if residing in a dog, but it will still cause some serious problems for the cat it is living inside.

Treating cats for heartworm disease is not really possible, so managing the symptoms and waiting for the parasite to eventually die is all that your vet can do.  Far easier, then to simply use a heartworm preventative designed for cats to ensure our feline pets never get the disease in the first place.

There are fewer heartworm medicines available for cats, than heartworm meds for dogs.  But, there are still several available here that are safe, effective and for sale without the need for a prescription.

Both the feline heartworm preventatives we can offer prescription free are topical treatments.  These are preferred by many cat owners, since it can be difficult to be sure a cat has taken any oral medicine.  Both Advantage Multi and Revolution are provided for cats.  They are sold in various dosage sizes that are designed for cats of different sizes, so it is important to chose the correct color coded packet, depending on the weight of your cat.

As both these topical treatments also control fleas, they can prove a great way to make further savings, as you will be able to forget about your old flea treatments.  Neither are able to treat for ticks on cats, which can be an issue in some areas, though most cats seem to keep themselves tick free on the whole.

Both liquid medicines to prevent heartworms in cats are completely waterproof once dry, so your cat can go out in the rain without worrying that the flea control will wear off.  The action on heartworms is a one off.  Every time you use the products they are absorbed into the blood-stream where they safely destroy any tissue stage heart worms that have infected the cat during the month since their last treatment.

Both treatments are considered extremely mild with side effects, when used correctly, extremely rare.  However only Revolution for cats has been shown to be mild enough to use on pregnant, nursing and breeding cats.

You can buy your feline hearworm medicine without prescription via the links at the side.  Simply select the product you need to view current best prices and pack details.


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There are currently two topical heartworm medicines licensed by the FDA.  Both are available without prescriptionhere.  Revolution (also marketed as Stronghold), and Advantage Multi (also branded as Advocate) are available today at great low prices, no prescription needed.  Just click the product required at the side, for latest discounts and prescription free ordering from Canada.

Revolution Heartworm Medicine Without Prescription

Because topical heartworm preventatives control fleas and other parasites as well as the heartworm itself, they are growing in popularity.  It does make things more convenient, only having to use one product to deal with all your regular parasite control.

Revolution without prescription is available here.  Just click the link at the side for the best prices, and prescription free ordering.  Revolution is produced by Pfizer and contains just one ingredient (Selamectin) to control all manner of parasites, both internally and externally.

Along with controlling heartworms, Revolution for Dogs controls a range of parasites.  Adult fleas and flea eggs are killed, American dog ticks, biting lice and ear-mites are all controlled.  The feline version of Revolution, also prevents heartworm disease.  In addition it kills adult fleas and their eggs, ear mites and biting lice.  Internally, Revollution for cats also destroys roundworms and hookworms in the gut.

Advantage Multi Heartworm Medicine – No Prescription

Advantage Multi for cats and dog is available here without a prescription.  Just click the links at the side for current low prices and pack sizing information on Advantage Multi heartworm prevention.

Again Advantage Multi works to prevent heartworm disease by destroying tissue stage worms before they are any risk to health.  Its two active ingredients (Imidalcoprid and Moxidectin) work together to kill heartworms and control fleas.  In addition whipworms, roundworms and hookworms are destroyed in dogs, whilst cats benefit from control of hookworms and roundworms as well as ear mites.

Produced by Bayer, this topical treatment is simply good old fashioned Advantage flea medicine with the addition of a further ingredient to deal with parasites internally.

Advantage Multi is one of the fastest flea control treatments available.  Once applied it stops fleas biting within 5 minutes and kills any larvae present within 20.  In twelve hours all the fleas on your pet should be gone and it stays active, working for a whole month after application to ensure no more fleas are picked up.

Topical Heartworm Meds Without Prescription

Using topical heartworm meds is simple, cheap, and when prescription free, very convenient.  Once dry, both are completely waterproof so external parasites will be controlled for the whole month.  Use every month, year round for guaranteed heartworm prevention.


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Due to differences in which Heartworm Medicines require a prescription it is possible to buy a range ofheartworm pills without prescription, provided you order from a Canadian pet medication supplies store.  The added benefit of this is that prices are generally lower than in the US due to there being no sales tax for US customers, and a more regulated pricing structure for Canadian medicines generally.

Not all heartworm pills are sold as over the counter medications in Canada, so you will not be able to buy Sentinel or Interceptor without a prescription.  But the most popular oral heartworm preventatives are available prescription free.

To order heartworm medicine without a prescription just click the products at the side.  You can then check out the lowest prices online and confirm pack sizing and dosage required.

Heartgard Heartworm Pills Without Prescription

Heartgard, produced by Merial, is the original monthly heartworm pill.  Using ivermectin to keep our dogs free from heartworm larvae it is safe and easy to use.  Heartgard are supplied in the form of a large chewable beef flavoured tablet.  Most dogs love the chewy meaty taste and are happy to take their medicine without any difficulty.

There are also a number of generic Heartgard heartworm pills available without prescription.  Each uses the same quantity and quality of active ingredient; ivermectin.  They differ in that as generics they are far more economical to buy, and do not come supplied as chewable tablets.

The two generic versions of Heartgard, are called Nuheart and Valuheart.  Both are RX free when bought via the links from Canada.  Nuheart is produced in Australia.  It is a tiny beef flavoured tablet that most dogs should enjoy the taste of.  To help make the heartworm prevention even easier to use, Nuheart are soluble pills, so really difficult dogs can be tricked into taking their medication by dissolving the pill in a little water or milk and mixing with their food.

Valuheart are also Australian made, generic Heartguard pills.  This time they are provided as a straightforward tablet.  Because these are an ordinary pill, the active ingredient has been made to be even throughout the tablets, so they can safely be broken in half or quarters allowing for more precise dosing of your dog, and thus saving you money in the long term.

Heartgard and its generic counterparts all contain the same volume of Ivermectin necessary to safely destroy tissue stage heartworms before they pose any risk to the health of your dog.

Heartgard Plus Without Prescription

Heartgard Plus is a newer product from Merial.  Again this is an ivermectin based tablet supplied as an oversized chewy treat.  This time an additional ingredient (Pyrantel) which means that as well as destroying heartworms, several intestinal parasites, including hookworms and roundworms) are also controlled each month.

As well as branded Heartgard Plus, generic Heartgard Plus without prescription is also available here.  Just click the links at the side for current best pricing on all prescription free heartworm pills.

Proheart Heartworm Tablets – No Prescription Needed

Proheart are a generic Moxidectin based heartworm pill.  Again they are used monthly to destroy tissue stage heartworm larvae before they are any problem.  Moxidectin is preferred by some Collie owners that worry about using Ivermectin.  Moxidectin is still able to safely and thoroughly remove heartworms, but it is faster acting, meaning it really must be used every month, as trying to destroy older heartworms so swiftly could cause complications for the dog.

Proheart without prescription is available via the links at the side.  Low prices, and swift delivery from a reliable Canadian pet medicine retailer is guaranteed.

Heartworm Pills – No Prescription

All the heartworm pills listed are available without a prescription.  But there are some things you should consider, as usually your vet would let you know, when writing out a prescription.

  • Each heartworm medicine must be used monthly.  Ideally all dogs should be tested prior to starting treatment, and every year thereafter.  Small puppies will not need to be tested for the disease, since it takes up to 6 months to develop.
  • Forgotten doses should be given as soon as possible.  Delays of over two months should be discussed with your vet as a re-test may be needed.
  • Always use the correct dose of any heartworm medicine, designed for the weight of your pet.

Heartworm preventative medicine has a very good safety record when used correctly, so be sure to read and understand the label.  Regular use will keep your pet free from heartworm disease.


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Can I buy Heartworm Medicine Without a Prescription is a particularly thorny issue!  Luckily we’re here to help.

The simple fact is that if you buy from a supplier based in the United States, they are bound by the FDA to request a veterinary prescription before dispatching any type of heartworm preventative. Similar rules apply to British pet med suppliers too. But if you buy an identical product from a Canadian pet pharmacy you may not need to produce that RX. A few brands are still prescription only in Canada, but all the big popular names in preventative heartworm medicine are prescription free. Using the links on this site you can order heartworm medicine without prescription for delivery to the United States.

So if you buy Heartgard, Nuheart or Valuheart heartworm pills, or, Revolution or Advantage Multi spot on treatments you can benefit from a more simple purchase process buy buying heartworm medicines without prescription.

The products are still bound by the same quality controls so your pets get the same health benefits. But you get to save a little time and money by purchasing online prescription free heartworm meds.

We do still recommend that you speak to a qualified vet if you have never used heartworm preventatives before. This is for the simple reason that all dogs benefit from a one-off heartworm test before beginning their treatment with a preventative. Once the test is done you are free to order the medicines wherever you choose. And, if you continue to use them every month for the lifetime of your pet you will never need another heartworm test again as there is no possibility that the disease could manifest itself. Only if you left more than two months between treatments would you need to speak to your vet about the possibility of your pet having contracted the disease. So whilst your vet is a fantastic resource, you need not waste time or money with them regarding heartworm medicine in the future.



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